reading-childDSF Literacy Clinics are an exciting initiative designed to provide students struggling to develop appropriate reading, spelling and writing skills with effective, high-quality support.

Students attending the Clinic will receive:

  • Exceptional teaching provided by highly trained tutors;
  • Access to high-quality evidence-based resources;
  • Ongoing monitoring and targeted assessment;
  • Regular updates on progress made; and,
  • Access to DSF specialist staff.
  • Who will benefit from the DSF Literacy Clinic?

The students who will gain the most from attendance at the DSF Clinic are students currently falling behind in their literacy development. Specifically these students are likely to:

  • Struggle to read accurately and fluently;
  • Struggle with reading comprehension;
  • Make frequent spelling errors, particularly in written expression;
  • Display a reluctance to participate in literacy-based activities;
  • Compensate when reading, by guessing from: pictures; initial letters; or, the ‘look’ of a word;
  • Have difficulty remembering the relationships between sounds and letters;
  • Have difficulty with writing;
  • Have poor self-esteem, particularly in relation to literacy activities; and,
  • Rarely read for pleasure.

As a not-for-profit clinic our fees will be kept as low as possible. Families experiencing financial difficulty can apply for reduced-fee tutoring.