Tutors instructing dyslexic children

Our Aim:

To assist students to become confident, successful readers and writers.

Our Values

Staff at the DSF Clinic encourage and model the values of respect, commitment, equity and fairness.

Our Staff

All staff at the DSF Clinic are experienced, successful tutors who have participated in specialist training in teaching reading, spelling and writing through DSF Literacy Services. Our teachers have particular skills in working with students who are failing to make progress in literacy and who are losing confidence in their own ability to succeed. They recognise the importance of providing students with the opportunity to be successful learners. Our tutors are supported by the professional team at DSF Literacy and Clinical Services, including specialist remedial teachers, educational and developmental psychologists, and speech pathologists.

Our Locations

There are currently three DSF Literacy Clinics open in Western Australia. These three clinics are located in Albany, East Victoria Park and Mt. Hawthorn. Please contact your nearest Clinic to make an enquiry or arrange Tutoring.

Our Programs

In recent years, extensive research has identified the components of successful literacy instruction. This has been supported by evidence collected from classrooms, individual students, and whole-school literacy programs. Essentially, students make significantly more progress, and achieve consistently better results, when they participate in structured, sequential multi-sensory literacy programs. These programs ensure that students understand and master essential skills in English and provide them with the opportunity to develop competencies in reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension. They also provide students with the opportunity to significantly improve their spelling and writing.

Our Resources

All resources used in the DSF Clinic are evidence-based and of exceptional quality. We have a range of program materials, some of which are sourced locally and some from overseas. Some of the resources used at the clinic include: the Sounds-Write program; the Dandelion, Totem and Talisman Readers; Phonics and Morpheme Activity Packs; WordShark Computer Program; and, the Nessy Learning Program. All assessment tools are professionally developed and meet rigorous standards. Students engage in a range of enjoyable activities designed by the tutors as part of their individual programs. They make use of computer-based activities and have access to engaging reading and activity books.

Background Information

The Dyslexia SPELD Foundation (DSF) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services for children with persistent learning difficulties and disabilities. Our services are designed to benefit all children struggling with literacy acquisition, regardless of whether or not they have been identified with a learning disability (such as dyslexia). We are recognised as a “centre of excellence” in the field of literacy development and in the understanding and response to literacy failure.

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